You had one job

I really like the ‘you had one job’ meme. There are a number of sites that have them now. The idea being that someone messed something up that was fundamental to the project they were working on. 


This happens in technology too. 

Building great products is hard, but sometimes I see something out of companies that should be better than that. Startups can get away with a ton of mistakes, but bigger more established companies are held to a higher standard. 

This is the most recent one I came across from Spotify:


Again, building great products is hard, and a music recommendation tool is no exception, but making sure that the outputs are different in a ‘Since you follow X, you might like Y’ feature seems pretty damn basic. That should be one line of code. 

Not sure what happened here, but I did get a pretty good laugh out of this one. I’m sure Spotify will fix this pretty quick. 

*note: I do in fact like parachute. don’t judge me.