Waze - an acquisition gone RIGHT


As reported in June, Google bought an Israeli mapping company called Waze.

As a user of both Google Maps and Waze, I was excited about the potential of this acquisition, as both products have inherent advantages.

What I was concerned about, however, is the fact that many acquisitions never live up to their potential. That is why, when only two months after the acquisition, I saw Google Maps already starting to pull accident data from Waze (see above where it says ‘reported via Waze app’), I got excited.

Although I am still waiting for Google Map’s directions and navigation to get smarter using better traffic data from Waze, I am delighted and encouraged by the fact that Google is putting the acquisition to work immediately.

This is the way to do Corp Dev. This is the way to do acquisitions. Don’t spin your wheels trying to do a massive overhaul. Pick the low hanging fruit and continue the integration form there. It’s a great way to delight your customers.