Ways I Can Help

I will try and help any founder I can, but sometimes it's easier to ask for help if you know exactly how someone can help you. Here is what I am generally good an helping with:

Overall philosophy...

  • I try to be an enabler and/or an accelerator - I will help with anything that pushes the business forward
  • I don't tell founders how to run their business, I don't believe that is the role of a VC
I can provide feedback on...
  • your product (UX/UI, new features, website copy, new mobile app builds, etc).
  • product direction and features ideas.
  • pitch decks.
  • sales decks.
  • any type of written work: blog posts, one-pagers, etc.
Ways I can help with recruiting...
  • sending a job spec around to my network
  • screening potential candidates for sales, marketing, or product roles (I did some hiring at my previous jobs)
  • recruiting strategies and messaging (I did this a lot of this at my last job).
Intros I can provide...
  • Strong connections in the venture world, especially at seed and series A
  • Early customer introductions (for b2b companies)
  • I like acting as a sounding board