VCs should be more like Elon Musk

My friend Joe recently posted this story to facebook. 

It reminded me about all the other crazy stories I have heard and read about Elon Musk. From funding his own crazy ideas to get them through tough times, to attempting to build the first private space transportation company (SpaceX), to reimagining transportation (Tesla) and renewable energy (SolarCity). Elon has always made bold bets. 

As I think more and more about the best VCs, they too have always made bold, often crazy looking bets. Unicorns usually don't start off looking as magical as they end up. Early investors in Google looked crazy. At the time, Google had no business model, inexperienced founders, and were playing in a very crowded market. The examples are endless. 

At Susa, I want to make sure we are thinking big enough. Making bets that may look questionable at the time, but have the potential to be category creators or winners. 

I think the same kinds of people that make great founders, make great investors. And the inverse seems to be true as well. Just look at founding partners of A16Z, Khosla, Sequoia, etc. There are obviously exceptions, but people who see the world differently tend to make the biggest splash.