When I saw this I got so excited. We all know that music discovery is a pain. Everyone has their own homegrown strategies. It feels like note taking in that sense. Everyone uses a different process - smashed together apps, manual processes, etc. 

The major music platforms launched 'radio' features, which is just okay. Many others swear by Hypem which is better, but still just okay. 

But this idea of SongHunt, a 'ProductHunt for songs', a daily leaderboard of the best songs got me so excited for a couple of reasons. 

1. Its daily - It would be different everyday. The 'radio' feature on most music platforms will begin to repeat pretty quickly, and will even play similar playlists if you play the same station. 

2. Community driven - I tend to trust highly curated communities more than recommendation engines. If you curated the community in the right way, a la how Ryan has curated the PH community, you would truly get great content. 

3. Diversity - music, even more so than products, comes in more flavors. Music discover is all about exploring the different types, sounds, genres, cultural roots, etc. 

I can't wait for people to tackle this. My friend Jeff and I might take a crack.