Delightful product

Every once in a while, a product truly delights me. Sometimes it’s when i use a new product, but more often it’s when a product gets a little new feature that just nails it.  

This happened the other day when I was flying from NYC to SF. I was searching gmail for my flight confirmation email to check the time and airport. Once I found the email, a little product feature that I have never seen before delighted me.

Here is a screen shot of a bar that was inserted above the confirmation email. 


Gmail must have added this recently as I have flown many times in the last couple months and have never seen this. 

This is live flight status information displayed directly into my confirmation email. What a brilliant product/feature. This is why I love Google - they build products that are very relevant but stay out of your way. From their roots in search, they build products that try to give you the information you want at the time you want it, all without being annoying. 

  • Great products are not easy to build. They take great people, great ideas, and great execution. Sometimes people scratch their heads when Google doessomething, but it’s products like this that make us realize we are all just a couple years behind their master plan.