Data Science for Social Good

The technology sector can be a rather insular and homogenous establishment. Your success, failures, impact and legacy are always compared in a relative fashion to the other apps, founders, and investors. 

That's why when I read this article about Data Science for Social Good I got really excited. For all the crap the technology sector gets for cranking out 'yet another photo sharing app', we produce exponentially more meaningful technology that never gets the attention it deserves. At Susa Ventures, we tend to look at data intensive businesses and founders. The technologies that we see everyday are amazing, and usually include some form of data science, machine learning, and or NLP.

I've always wondered what it would look like if we pointed some of that tech directly at social good issues that were not constrained or burdened by the need to build a company or make a profit. This program is the answer to my curiosity. 

Although I am a passionate capitalist at heart, and often feel that for profit entities are a better way to solve problems than non-profits, I am all for experimenting with what I would call 'technical non-profits'. 

I suspect the output of this organization will be orders of magnitude larger than its counterparts. 

I hope Data Science for Social Good changes my, and many others', perspective of what a non-profit can look like and the impact they can have.