I've spent my entire life in and around early stage technology companies. Here's a quick summary of the jobs I've been fortunate enough to have over the last 6 years:

  • I was a Marketing intern at Bloom Energy. Although I was technically in Marketing, I spent most of my time researching state and federal fuel cell rebates and occasionally got to babysit the first Energy Server prototype overnight from 12am-6am. 
  • When I graduated, I spent 3+ years at Silver Spring Networks in various Marketing and Product Management roles, where I spent the first part of it working on developing a business case model for our utility customers and eventually ended up leading a Department of Energy grant to build the world's first smart grid-enabled residential solar inverters. 
  • Shortly after leaving Silver Spring Networks, I moved to NYC and spent a year at Integrate, an advertising/marketing technology startup. Although the core business at the time was affiliate lead generation, I pushed the team to build a true SaaS product that would allow a brand or agency to manage all their lead generation budget across channels through a single platform. After one year as Sr. Director of Platform I stepped away to form Susa Ventures. 

I've been working with three great partners on Susa Ventures since late 2012.